Ryanair Deepens Their Partnership with iCoupon

Ryanair furthers its partnership with iCoupon following the adoption of the intelligent vouchering providers AutoPay solution. 

Introduced 2 years ago, AutoPay approves iCoupon to settle retailer invoices automatically on the airline’s behalf by consolidating all invoices from all retailers into a single bill for the airline whilst doing the same for the retailers. No pre-funding required. 

Ryanair said, “with the expansion of iCoupon across our growing network, AutoPay allows us to streamline retailer bills with just 1 invoice per month from iCoupon.”

Richard Bye, CEO of iCoupon said “AutoPay has revolutionised the back-end billing for our airlines, meaning we pay all retailers on guaranteed payment dates and collect one simple payment from the airline.  This is great for the airline as there is no pre-funding required, so they only ever pay for what the passengers spend, and on agreed payment terms, keeping outgoing to a minimum and removing the guess work. It’s the best of both worlds.
Ryanair were our first ever customer and for them to continue to invest in new solutions with us is a great demonstration of the strength of our partnership over the years.

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