We talk ‘connecting with travellers’ at the TRConsumer Forum

Last week, we had an amazing time at the TR Consumer Forum, hosted by TRBusiness. This event brought together some of the best minds in travel retail to explore the future of our industry.

One of the standout moments for us was participating in a panel discussion titled ‘Digital & Direct: Exploring New Ways to Reach Travelling Consumers One-to-One.’ We were thrilled to join Anna Marchesini from m1nd-set and Melanie Gilldou from Lagardère Travel Retail on stage. Our Sales Director, Viktoriya Soubra, was there to represent iCoupon and share our insights.

Viktoriya spoke insightfully about how our iCoupon network isn’t just helpful in managing disruptions—it’s also a powerful tool for running promotions. She explained how we help our travel retail partners connect with customers in more meaningful ways, making their travel experiences even better.

The discussion was all about how we can reach travellers directly and digitally. It was fascinating to hear different perspectives and ideas on creating personalised experiences for people on the go with some incredibly interesting data from M1ndset. Viktoriya’s insights sparked some great conversations about how the industry is changing and how we can all adapt to meet new consumer needs.

Our time at the TR Consumer Forum reminded us why we do what we do. We’re committed to innovation and making travel better for everyone. We’re excited about what’s next and can’t wait to keep pushing boundaries with the iCoupon network.

If you’re curious about how we can help with your promotions, we’d love to chat. Fill out the contact from on our website.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from our journey in travel retail!

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