Our Intelligence

iCoupon is an intelligent vouchering platform. 

That intelligence is rooted in its core ability to instantly attach any type of value to any existing unique identifier – for example, a bar code, QR code or magstripe, or an iCoupon produced asset.

Made up of multiple modules that can be added and aligned to fit different use cases, our solutions can be tailor-made to fit your business needs.

Our Network

The expansive network cultivated by iCoupon offers partners a unique opportunity to thrive within a dynamic ecosystem. Vouchers issued through the iCoupon intelligent vouchering platform can be redeemed at any connected retailer – bringing together issuing and redemption entities without the need to share confidential data for the first time in history. 

Through the integration of diverse audiences across various industries, partners gain access to a wider demographic, enabling cross-industry exposure and engagement.

As a new partner, you stand to benefit significantly from this robust network, not just by reaching a broader audience, but also by forging formidable alliances with brands operating both within and beyond your specific industry. This interconnected network provides a fertile ground for establishing enduring partnerships and fostering substantial growth opportunities for your business

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