Autopay: iCoupon will settle retailer bills on behalf of airlines


Reduce your yearly invoice volume significantly by leveraging iCoupon to streamline your billing process, freeing up your time to focus on your priorities.

iCoupon will settle all individual retailer bills on behalf of airlines, while the airline receives 1 invoice per month (or 1 invoice per month per currency).

  • iCoupon Autopay allows all voucher redemption to be rolled into a single monthly bill.
  • iCoupon consolidates all retailer bills by currency and creates one monthly bill for each of the airlines legal entities/currency domains.
  • iCoupon Autopay drives faster deployment of iCoupon.
  • Airlines will no longer have to have agreements with individual retailers at each airport they fly to.
  • Airlines will no longer have to pay thousands of invoices annually.

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