Digital meal vouchers: instantly issue meal vouchers in times of disruption

Digital meal vouchers

Our solution offers a swift and efficient way to prioritise passenger care, providing a comforting assurance during unexpected travel hiccups. Whether for a single traveller or an entire flight, iCoupon streamlines the process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both passengers and your operational team

Effortlessly allocate meal vouchers to passengers' boarding passes during periods of disruption, whether for an entire flight or individual travellers.

  • The meal value is instantly added to the bar code on the passenger’s boarding pass to be redeemed in any iCoupon activated retailer in the airport.
  • Retailers can be fully integrated which will offer full automation via API or this can just be achieved through the iCoupon portal, so no need for full integration.
  • Meal vouchers are often used for full flight delay. You can allocate various values per cabin class
  • Meal vouchers can also be used per individual for denied boarding etc. You can allocate various values based on selected requirements e.g. The passenger is a frequent flier or a premium customer.

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