Promotions: create and distribute vouchers for campaigns


Create and distribute digital vouchers for promotional campaigns, fostering deeper passenger appreciation and relevance.

Optimise customer engagement and enhance your promotional initiatives by leveraging intelligent vouchering strategies. iCoupon offers an intelligent solution for generating and distributing vouchers tailored to your promotional campaigns.

  • The meal value is instantly added to the bar code on the passenger’s boarding pass to be redeemed in any iCoupon activated retailer in the airport.
  • Retailers can be fully integrated which will offer full automation via API or this can just be achieved through the iCoupon portal, so no need for full integration.
  • Meal vouchers are often used for full flight delay. You can allocate various values per cabin class
  • Meal vouchers can also be used per individual for denied boarding etc. You can allocate various values based on selected requirements e.g. The passenger is a frequent flier or a premium customer.

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