Our new look

We are excited to announce that iCoupon has undergone a substantial transformation, and we are delighted to reveal our revitalised appearance and improved brand identity. The decision to undergo a rebrand is not just a cosmetic upgrade; it’s a strategic move that signifies our response to growth and transformation. As iCoupon has expanded its reach and evolved its offerings, we recognise the need for our external image to mirror the dynamic progress happening within the company.

Why we decided to rebrand

The world is evolving, and so are we. Our rebranding initiative is fuelled by a desire to better align with our core values and meet the expectations of our users. We’re stepping into a new era of innovation, and this rebrand sets the stage for an even more customer-centric iCoupon experience.

Established in 2015 in Manchester, UK, iCoupon has become a significant player in revolutionising voucher solutions on a global scale. Over the years, we’ve proudly issued over 1 billion vouchers for diverse clients, including major names like the Lufthansa Group, SAS, Wizz Air, Menzies Aviation, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Norwegian, AirFrance KLM, Swissport, SSP Group, and Lagardère.

At the core of our mission is the commitment to transform the voucher industry through intelligent solutions that optimise experiences, simplify lives, and foster global connectivity. Our dedication is underscored by cutting-edge technologies, operational efficiency, and robust security measures, reflecting in our service to over 1.5 million users monthly and more than 1500 partners worldwide.

As with any successful venture, growth necessitates change. In a phase akin to a 3-year-old outgrowing their clothes on the way to 6, iCoupon is undergoing a transformative journey. The decision to rebrand is a response to the need for our external identity to align with our internal growth and our evolving product offerings. While rooted in our success in voucher solutions, the rebrand also positions us to diversify our services across industries beyond our initial travel-centric focus.

This strategic decision echoes broader market trends too. Post-pandemic, the rise of the experience economy continues, with a growing demand for enhanced experiences and companies seeking innovative ways to engage their customers. Positioned at the intersection of technology and experience, iCoupon’s rebrand is a strategic response to align with the evolving dynamics of the markets we serve, extending our expertise beyond the realms of traditional voucher solutions.

How we got there

We embarked on the task of redefining the essence of our brand, drawing inspiration from our culture, values, and the structure of our product offering and network of partners. During this process, the idea of collective intelligence, notably the beehive, played a significant role. Recognising the symbolism it carried, we decided to embrace it and derive from this concept, allowing it to guide the creation of our refreshed visual identity.

Informed by our brand archetypes—the Sage and the Caregiver—we crafted a vibrant and dynamic colour palette, paired with sleek premium graphics and soft-edged honeycomb elements, seamlessly unifying our brand in a revitalised way.

Introducing the fresh face of iCoupon

Our updated logo, lively colour scheme, and sophisticated design elements go beyond aesthetics; they embody our dedication to simplicity, efficiency, and a seamless user experience. Each element has been meticulously chosen to mirror the essence of iCoupon’s evolution.

We have also refined our messaging to better communicate the value we bring to you. The updated content is designed to resonate with your needs and aspirations, emphasising the unique benefits that iCoupon offers.

Today marks a significant milestone in iCoupon and as we reveal our new look, we’re not just showcasing a logo; we’re unveiling a reflection of our commitment to innovation, user-centric solutions, and a broader horizon of services.

We’re excited about the positive impact this rebrand will bring and invite you to stay connected through our Linkedin and by sharing your thoughts on our new look.

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